A modern shopping center

METROPOLIS is a modern shopping center, on three floors of which more than 350 shops and restaurants are located. The shopping center is conveniently located near Voykovskaya metro station and is only fifteen minutes away by subway from the center of Moscow, with a sufficient distance from the overly crowded city center.

Large space and wide, light-filled galleries

Due to the strict rules on representation of the Tenants and advertising placements, unique selection of shops, restaurants and cafes, and its architecture, METROPOLIS remains one of the most pleasant places for shopping in the city. This place is filled up with human soul and special atmosphere of coziness.

MIX & MATCH concept

Mix&match is a popular approach to create trendy looks, based on a combination of brands of different price category. It is the ideal solution for those who strive for practical individuality. In addition, here you will find both world favorite brands and brands of young Russian designers of clothes, accessories and jewelry.