Don't rush to throw it away

Take care of the environment with us and receive pleasant bonuses

On this page you will find brief information about environmental projects in which you can participate and help make our common home a better place!

Please note that we have placed a container for collecting recyclables. It is located on the -1st floor (descent from the Golden Apple, at the entrance to the parking lot). We accept clothes, receipts, electronic cigarettes, batteries, caps, and toothbrushes for sorting. Read more about the project and partners here.

Many stores in the Metropolis shopping center also accept unwanted clothing, shoes, cosmetics packaging, and more for recycling. On this page we collect information about brands' environmental initiatives.


Trade In и утилизация старой техники, батареек.

2 floor


Контейнер для сбора использованной упаковки для сдачи на переработку и утилизацию.

2 floor


Принеси пустой флакон от брендов наших марок (даже если куплен не у нас) и получи скидку 25%.

1 floor


Rendez-Vous - Принесите старую пару обуви и получите ваучер на 500 р.

1 floor


Trade-in: меняем старые очки на новые со скидкой 25%.

1 floor


В Рив Гош эксклюзивно представлен эко-бренд ORIGINS. Забота о вашей коже и нашей планете.

1 floor

MIUZ Diamonds

Обменяйте старое ювелирное украшение на подарочный сертификат.

1 floor