Joint project of Novikov Group and «Miratorg»

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Meat, burgers, # FARШ: Moscow is conquering a new joint project of Novikov Group and «Miratorg» Holding.

If the word "burger" in the head comes to a certain image, then forget about it! Here really # FARCH: the design of Natalia Belonogova, the meat of "Miratorg", the cuisine of the brand-chef Kamel Benamar and the concept of Arkady Novikov. It's really cool.
Briefly about the main thing. All ingredients for burgers are prepared in the kitchen # FARCHA. Direct deliveries of meat from "Miratorg". Rolls are baked on a gold standard - 13 centimeters. Everything is fresh, tasty, natural.
Agroindustrial holding Miratorg knows the point in the meat. For # FARSHA they launched a special processing line - such minced meat there will be no one! It is made of marble beef Black Angus from the Bryansk region.

Sami rolls are prepared according to a secret recipe from the brand-chef and project partner Kamel Benmamar. He mixes boiled potatoes into the dough and ... something else, but this is already a secret recipe. In addition to the potato king-rolls in the menu, there are salads, wings, strips and desserts. In the bar - home lemonades and fruit drinks, milkshakes, beer. Also in # FARCHE meat shop "Miratorg" works. In the shop sell branded stuffing, bread, sauces and, of course, the right frying pan for homemade burger party. You can buy this all individually or in a package in the original packaging.
In short. This is our # FARCH. May the fast-food, craft and black angus be with you!