About brand

Coffeemania is a Moscow based restaurant chain which was established in 2001.
Over these years Coffeemania has become a part of everyday life for thousands of our guests. Coffeemania perfectly combines a warm and cozy coffee house and restaurant with an extensive menu collected from all over the world. It is a fancy place for people looking for an outstanding dining experience with consistent and friendly service.

Every day we show our guests that in Russia we can make great coffee, cook tasty food and provide friendly high quality service.

Coffeemania standards embrace all the elements of haut cuisine: we use only fresh ingredients, have creative menus with a complex presentation of dishes and luxury brand tableware. Our name, “Coffeemania” implies that everything you see, eat, drink or hear, we are very conscious about all the details of the restaurant and company. We strive for perfection and offer great tasting food and quality coffee.

Coffeemania barista team often go to coffee plantations and select the best coffee beans. Thanks to own roasting department we always serve fresh roasted coffee at our restaurants.

Coffeemania has its own bakery that is why you can get fresh bread of high quality every day, moreover our chefs offer you hand-made pasta.
We are especially proud of our confectionary studio Cake Buro which is responsible for famous Coffeemania desserts that became our symbol together with coffee.

Cake Buro is a modern certificated complex where outstanding confectionary items are created for all kind of festive events such as birthday, wedding, family or corporation events, or just a cake with no reason. Cake Buro experts follow world confectionary trends while making their sweet masterpieces. Our cakes are a new look in confectionary art. If you wish to order a cake of your dream, you can do it in every Coffeemania restaurant as well as in METROPOLIS.