In the period from 07.09.2021 to 27.09..2021 inclusive, there will be an advertising campaign "Big School Sale". Within the framework of the action on the promotional list of goods, a discount of up to 50% is provided. The quantity of goods is limited. This promotion is subject to the M.Club Program Rules. Purchase bonuses are awarded. Products from the promotional list can be paid for with Bonus rubles. except for goods with a restriction on the acceptance of Bonus rubles. All products from the promotional list can be purchased on credit under all credit programs operating during the promotion period. Toavars participating in the promotion are sold to legal entities

Other news

Pavel Volya and Liasan Utiasheva have opened a new flagship showroom of their clothing brand VOLYA WEAR on the 3rd floor
3 Floor
Special offers
Discounts from 5 to 20%!
2 Floor
New collections
In his new fall-winter collection UNLIMITED F / W 2021-22, designer Vassa reveals an inexhaustible source of NEW WOMEN'S ENERGY
1 Floor