About brand

Moscow jewelry factory — the biggest manufacturer of the jewelries with diamonds in Russia.

MUZ comes into the group of the companies, which possess the full cycle of the jewelry production — diamonds mining, facet enterprises, production, quality control and wide retail network from more than 300 shops around the country.The company leading its history since 1920 year is the main heritage receiver of the famous Russian jewelers.

Today the Moscow jewelry factory offers unique opportunities for clients:

  • The production of the jewelries with diamonds;
  • The jewelry production on the individual order with the opportunity of the sketches providence;
  • Get warranty services for the products of the Moscow Jewelry Factory in any store;
  • Choose and order the delivery of jewelers through the web-site in any shop convenient to the clients of the MUZ;
  • Cumulative discount program with progressive discount;
  • The sale of the certified diamonds from 0.70 ct, which can be bought on the market value with the opportunity of the return repayment.

The main advantage of the Moscow jewelry factory — its century experience in the art of the jewelry creation, which is transferred to the young generation for the saving of the jewelry traditions with the use of the modern technologies.

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