About brand

Welcome to the perfect Nespresso world!
You can find a collection of exquisite Grand Cru coffee blends, elegant accessories and innovative coffee machines in our new boutique on the first floor of Metropolis shopping mall. The boutique reflects the classical concept of Nespresso’s philosophy, combining impeccable quality and unparalleled service. Create your own unforgettable Grand Cru coffee tasting experience.

Nespresso is a pioneering inventor of portioned coffee. The Brand introduces an exquisite collection of Grand Cru coffee blends. Only 1-2% of the coffee grown globally meets Nespresso's requirements. At the moment Nespresso’s Grand Cru coffee collection comprises 24 blends, each of them has its own inimitable aroma and flavour profiles: from soft and delicate to intense and rich.

A wide range of blends is due to a broad geography of coffee plantations and the finest art of coffee roasting and blending. Nespresso collaborates with the best plantations of Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, India, Ethiopia and some other countries. In endeavour to offer a perfect cup of espresso to the coffee connoisseurs experts of the Company choose unique terroirs across the world. Coffee berries are collected manually at all the plantations and, upon careful selection and 70 stages of quality control, get into the hands of coffee roasting experts.
Nespresso controls all the stages of coffee production from the coffee tree to the coffee cup. It allows us to guarantee exceptional quality of every cup of Nespresso coffee.

Nespresso is more than just coffee. It is a unique experience combining perfection of the flavour and satisfaction of taste, simplicity of preparation and aesthetics.