About brand

UNOde50 is the Spanish brand of jewelry and accessories of premium class made for women and men. Brand’s portfolio includes bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, watches, belts and other accessories.

The brand appeared in the 90s thanks to the group of designers that were aimed to change current standards of jewelry. They started to develop products with original design that became recognizable thanks to their bold design and innovations in comparison with other traditional approaches that existed at that time. Combination of traditions and modernity was the basis of the brand development, which became a symbol of craftsmanship and exclusivity. 

Key advantages UNOde50 are originality, bold design and 100% of manual work.

The products are made of silver-plated metal alloy, leather, Swarovski crystals, handmade rosin and other decorative materials. 

Small padlock is a handmade symbol of the brand which protects its unique design and creativity.